Silicon Power were so kind to send me a set of their XPOWER Turbine DDR4 ram modules. These modules feature a 3200mhz speed, beautiful so called gaming aesthetics and above all great performance.

XPOWER Turbine RGB specifications


8GB, 16GB
Dual Channel Kit 16GB (8GB*2), 32GB (16GB*2)


3200/3600/4133 MHz

CAS Latency



  • Authentic and high-quality SP memory module combining high gaming performance with colorful RGB display
  • High speeds with almost no lag time allow maximum DDR4 performance
  • 100% tested for stability, durability, and compatibility on major motherboard brands
  • Dynamic thermal heatsink mechanism to prevent overheating
  • Supports Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (Intel® XMP) Standards
  • Supports ASUS Aura Sync / GIGABYTE RGB Fusion / MSI Mystic Light Sync / ASROCK-Polychrome Sync
  • Up to 10-layer PCBs to ensure stability and reliability
  • 4133 MHz QVL:
    GA Z370 AORUS GAMING 7 + i7-8700K
  • Low voltage of 1.4V for less power consumption

The aesthetics, RGB awesomeness

The design speaks to the gamer audience, with the Xpower logo centered on the side of the heatsinks and the honeycomb pattern in RGB colors. On the top the RGB diffuses nicely which if of course the main selling point of this product. It also features the Xpower logo on the top of the stick where the RGB is.

These modules will fit an RGB focused build just fine. Overall, if you’re looking for affordable, fast RAM modules with RGB and compatibility with major motherboard brands, these are perfect.

The warranty? A lifetime!

To show Silicon Power mean business, they offer a lifetime warranty on these modules. Which means it is backed by by a lifetime warranty with complete SP technical support and services.

My conclusion

The XPOWER Turbine RGB perform great. But not exceptionally better than competitors. These modules are plug and play, no difficulties there. They keep up perfectly fine with the rest.

If you’re looking to buy RAM modules in this price range there is a big chance that aesthetics play a larger role in your decision than performance. And that is a matter of personal preference.

My personal preference is a bit stealthier aesthetic if that makes sense. I want the module itself to be clean and preferably either black or white and with good LEDs on top. These modules do have the latter part going for them so I rate the XPOWER Turbine RGB 8/10 !







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